Virtual Design Consulting (Old)

New Standard Operating Procedures

COVID-19 has inspired many businesses to rethink how they engage with clients without sacrificing quality. Safety is our primary concern for all involved. We have created our new standards to meet the needs of our clients while maintaining the highest level of quality design and service.

We provide two types of design services: Full-Service (hyper link to that section) and Virtual Consulting (hyper link to that section).  We honor social distancing and clear rules of engagement when an in-person meeting is required. We collaborate to best serve you, providing the highest level of quality design and care.

FULL-SERVICE (hyper link to that section). We provide complete architectural design services from luxury homes, office spaces, to remodeling projects, including kitchens and bathrooms — and everything in between. All projects include comprehensive 3D renderings so that you can clearly visualize your space before a hammer gets lifted.

VIRTUAL CONSULTING (hyper link to that section) is geared for DIYers, those looking for inspiration, needing a lighting plan, or who simply desire a guiding hand to ensure a project is appropriately and safely created and executed.


  1. Guide us on a tour: After our initial phone, text, or email, we have a virtual meeting where you show us your spaces. We can use whatever platform you’re most comfortable with: FaceTime; Zoom; Microsoft Teams; Google Hangouts; Skype; or GoToMeeting. (This doesn’t apply to new builds.)
  2. Scope is established: Usually within a day, you’ll receive a written, high-level project summary, including deliverables. After any revisions, we’ll schedule a second virtual meeting where we drill down on details and establish a design budget and schedule. During this meeting, or after, you have the option to provide some basic measurements using easy-to-use tools like Measure or CamToPlan.
  3. Inspiration: Show us the styles that inspire you! Finding images from magazines, Houzz, Pinterest, or wherever you find your inspiration, we ask that you share these with us. Since you’ll see everything in 3D, we want to ensure we begin with a style you love.
  4. Agreement: You receive a formal design contract outlining everything in detail.
  5. Measuring: This may be the only time you see us in person, if you choose to be present. We measure the entire building, or spaces, creating an as-built plan onsite. Protocols:
    1. Hand sanitizer will be deployed before, many times during, and after.
    2. Disinfectant wipes or 70-99% alcohol will be applied to all touched surfaces before and after measuring.
    3. Shoes will be removed or encased in footies.
    4. Masks will be worn at all times.
    5. Safe distances will be observed.
    6. We will reschedule if anyone isn’t feeling well — you or us.
  6. Selections: Depending on the scope, we provide suggestions for everything from fixtures, tile, colors, cabinets and countertops, appliances, and everything we can to ensure the decision making is as easy as possible. Some clients prefer to handle this themselves. If you need our assistance, we are here to help.
  7. The fun begins: After the plan is established, we walk you through your project in 3D. As part of our collaborative process, revisions to your design can be made in real-time so you can view how your dreams can become reality. This session can also be done remotely.
  8. Construction documents: Once the definitive scope is established, we complete the process with full-service documents that typically include floor plans such as mechanical, demolition, foundation, construction, cabinetry, electrical, lighting, roofing, etc. And elevations, cross-sections, details, and notes.
  9. Construction: Although we no longer perform the actual construction (a recovering general contractor wrote this), we have a stable of wonderful companies with whom we regularly work. We attempt to match you with a contractor based on personality, budget, level of detail, and scope. We stay involved throughout the construction process and are always available for conversations with you, the contractor, or any of their partners. It’s truly a joint effort and we love seeing it through to the end. Regardless of whom we recommend, they all agree to follow these protocols:
  10. For remodeling, the work area is sealed from the rest of the home with temporary walls.
  11. A hand washing station is established within the work area. Multiple hand washing required throughout the day.
  12. Hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks are provided.
  13. Safe distances are practiced at a minimum of six feet unless it’s impossible to avoid. In those cases, masks are required.
  14. Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms is not to come to work (most are getting paid regardless), which includes daily temperature checks.
  15. Employees follow the same procedures when away from the job, understanding that we’re all in it together.
  16. When arriving home, each worker removes shoes and deposits clothes into a bag that will be untouched for three days; they wrap in a towel, and shower.
  17. They backtrack, wiping down all touched surfaces between shower and vehicle with disinfectant, and their shoes.
  18. If their vehicle is used before returning to work, the interior, and exterior handles are wiped with disinfectant.

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VIRTUAL CONSULTING — THE PROCESS (hyperlinked from above)

After our initial chat, text, or email, we’ll have a virtual meeting where you show us your space. Every project should start off right and while you are doing the heavy lifting, we provide a clear path for a successful outcome. Once we’ve gotten the gist of your needs, we’ll establish the scope. Depending on its size, there are a couple of ways it could go.

  1. Your project may be small enough that a simple conversation will suffice, where during the virtual meeting we bounce ideas and suggestions around. Other than our summary which you’ll receive within 24 hours, that would be the end of it.
  2. Your project is large enough to require drawings, selections, or detailed notes. In this case, usually within 24 hours, you’ll receive a written, high-level project summary, including deliverables. Once established, you will receive a consulting contract outlining what we will provide in detail.

We can use whatever platform you’re most comfortable with: FaceTime; Zoom; Microsoft Teams; Google Hangouts; Skype; or GoToMeeting.